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We are an interest group delving in to the culture of the Vikings and Slavs of the early Middle Ages, between the 9th and 10th Centuries. Our common purpose is to understand life in days of yore.

Our portrayal is oriented to the Nordic-influenced areas of Scandinavia.  This includes various settlement areas of Denmark, such as the then trading city of “Heddeby” near Schleswig, today in Germany, as well as the Slavic tribes who settled up-river on the Elbe. We consciously decided on a healthy mix between the cultures of the Vikings and Slavs in this epoch. 

In our portrayal we rely on current archaeological findings, contemporary literature and specialist publications, such as archaeological excavations reports. Following on from these reports and findings, we refine our portrayal, although there is always a certain leeway for interpretations.

Alongside the joint work on the reconstruction of a likely authentic historical portrayal, we endeavour to rediscover and revive the old handicrafts of the Vikings and Slavs. History, that comes alive, and moreover current knowledge are communicated by us during historical events and in museums.