Historical Camp

In our camp, all everyday objects such as handcrafted items and battle gear, are matched to the time period portrayed. Our early medieval camp is fitted out with lovingly crafted furnishings, such as beds, chests, tables, chairs, pottery and wrought iron goods.

Wherever possible, we keep to archaeological findings of the period in which the region is portrayed. This requires in-depth research, to be constantly up to date with the latest findings. It gives us a basis to develop our portrayal close to the "Original".

Through our handicrafts new everyday items are created time and again, that enrich our portrayal. We naturally resort to our own interpretations and experiences gathered.

We currently have eight tents to count among our complete camp inventory.


Our historical camp includes the following items:

  •     Saxon tent of linen 7,5 x 4 meters
  •     Saxon tent of linen 6 x 4 meters