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Life and portrayal

Where archaeologists’ work ends, is where we begin!

We are especially interested in those places where our portrayal has its origin. Bringing to life museum sites such as Heddeby near Schleswig or the open-air museum of Bork Vikingehavn (Ringkøbing Skjern museum in Danmark) as well as many others are especially alluring.

We see it as a reality experiment to live in faithful reproductions of historical houses. It gives us an authentic feeling of how life must have been more than 1000 years ago. The day starts at sunrise and our daily chores and ends in a familiar atmosphere in the longhouses and groubhouses.

Bringing life in to historic locations as well as experimenting with the re-creation of typical handicrafts and thereby following the old traditions of the cultures of with Vikings and Slavs is a large component of our experimental work.

Whether on land or water, we try as far as possible to live in this period. We set ourselves high standards and see this possibility of the portrayal as an experimental self-trial.