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Events 2023

09. - 13.07.2023 - Museum of  Lejre (DK) „Sagnlandet Lejre“

14. - 23.07.2023 - Vikinge festival Trelleborg (DK) 

10. - 15-08-2023 - Vikingemarket Bork Vikingehavn - (DK) 

26. - 27.08.2023 - Historical market of Leisnig (D)

01. - 03.09.2023 - Regionalmuseum Neubrandenburg - 150 Jahrfeier (D)

23. - 24.09.2023 - Vikingemarket Burg Heldrungen (D)

21. - 22.10.2023 - Listopàd Slawendorf Neustrelitz (D)

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We look forward to receiving your enquiries and invitations to thematically suitable events, workshops, craft experiments and movie productions.

Of course, we are available with our craftsmanship and experience.

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