Textile manufacturing

Handcraft like textile manufacturing is one of the widest topics in the history of textile archeology. Our group engages itself with the production and processing of textiles and the way that they were worn.

Numerous textile discoveries show us which fibres were used. We engage in research to find out how they were used and processed, to achieve a most authentic feel for how comprehensive a task it was to create an item of clothing.

This gives us information about which textiles were probably worn where, and how they changed over the course of time.

We have only just begun with the experiment of the practical transformation of weaving and spinning. The textile craft includes a large variety of single procedures. It starts with cultivation, harvest and processing of plant-based fibres as well as animal fibres, hand spinning and twisting into stable threads or the weaving craft to create the best cloths.

Tablet weaving and comb weaving braids, ribbons and belts are an integral and useful part of our clothes.